A weekend in Buffalo

What do you do when your boyfriend says he wants cheesecake? You pack your bags, stuff yourself into the car, and head to Buffalo for the weekend!

My beautiful body | Learning to cherish my health and wellness

Life is can get real incredibly quickly and it’s hard a lot of the time. Everyone experiences this, so there’s no reason to hide or deny it. I think we are as connected through our struggles, little and big, as we are connected through our joys.

All this is to say that I’m going to start getting a little personal, starting with this post about my journey with my body. Now thinking back, it started when I was a child but it was only last year when I really zeroed in on it.

2018 will be golden

I was incredibly lucky and blessed by all the gods to be able to travel and explore so much in 2017. I went from the Philippines to Singapore to Los Angeles to Ottawa, and experienced so many magical moments that I’ll never ever ever forget (a photo wrap up post is coming soon!). The real magic, however, happened during the moments when I was home. 

At Christmastime

In my previous post I mentioned that I’m an only child, but I grew up with my dad’s side of the family, and we’re not a small group by any means. When we were all little, we used to see each other almost every week, but as always, life happens and everyone eventually got older and busier as the years passed by… And this is probably the main reason why the holidays are so important to me.

Christmas at the Conservatory

Centennial Conservatory in Etobicoke is no exception. I took my mom in late November because she’d never been before and as we were walking around, one of the maintenance staff told us that they were getting ready to set up their Christmas display which would be ready by December 10… and you already know we had to come back.

Gushing about Venice Beach on ROAM

Hi everyone! Just popping in on this chilly Saturday to excitedly mention that I wrote the latest article on Roam Magazine! I’ve always been enamored with their articles and the photos in them, so when I learned that they accept submissions, I typed my heart out about how immense my love for Venice Beach is.