Biking past my limits

If you follow me on any kind of social media, you probably saw that I participated in the 25 km Tour de Mississauga, a local cycling marathon, and that I was ridiculously proud of myself for it. Now you’re probably thinking, “so?”, and I get it, but let me explain…

Quebec City

I used to go to Quebec with my grandma, uncles, cousins, and parents every summer when I was younger, and it was something that I always looked forward to. Not only did I get to hang out with my family, I got to go on a road trip (where I had the entire backseat of the van to myself) and saw so many amazing things.


Resilience is a word I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. The concept of it, our capacity to have it, the impact of it, and to be honest, it’s kind of blown my mind. This isn’t even the post I wanted to write today, but this topic’s been on my mind for a while now so I thought I’d get it off my chest first.

Springing into the season

I identify with flowers in a lot of ways; averse to the cold, opens up to the sunlight, works in slow motion until all of a sudden *BAM* a shock of colour and vibrancy. Yep, flowers get me and I get them, and this is most likely the reason why I feel so much better in the warmer months.

Cheers to being whoever tf you want to be

I had originally started blogging as a way to document my life, the things I’ve learned, the photos I’ve taken, but over time the (self-inflicted) pressure to pick a specific topic and write in a specific tone just got to me. Well, not anymore. I’ve decided that I’m more than the places I visit and the photos I take…