Springing into the season

I identify with flowers in a lot of ways; averse to the cold, opens up to the sunlight, works in slow motion until all of a sudden *BAM* a shock of colour and vibrancy. Yep, flowers get me and I get them, and this is most likely the reason why I feel so much better in the warmer months.

Cheers to being whoever tf you want to be

I had originally started blogging as a way to document my life, the things I’ve learned, the photos I’ve taken, but over time the (self-inflicted) pressure to pick a specific topic and write in a specific tone just got to me. Well, not anymore. I’ve decided that I’m more than the places I visit and the photos I take…

Getting ready to thaw

And just like that, another season has come and gone… Sort of. Signs of spring are everywhere – migrating birds have returned, the sun is shining bright, and I’ve officially put away my winter boots, so the only thing left is for this dang temperature to finally mellow out!

A weekend in Buffalo

What do you do when your boyfriend says he wants cheesecake? You pack your bags, stuff yourself into the car, and head to Buffalo for the weekend!

My beautiful body | Learning to cherish my health and wellness

Life is can get real incredibly quickly and it’s hard a lot of the time. Everyone experiences this, so there’s no reason to hide or deny it. I think we are as connected through our struggles, little and big, as we are connected through our joys.

All this is to say that I’m going to start getting a little personal, starting with this post about my journey with my body. Now thinking back, it started when I was a child but it was only last year when I really zeroed in on it.