A cottage by the sea

A short two to three hour drive away from the bustle of Manila is the Maya Maya beach house in Nasugbu, and I guarantee you it’s straight out of a dream. Let’s start with the drive there: you get a wonderful dose of mountainous and vast green landscapes, a peek at the not-so-urbanized areas of the Philippines, and many many palm trees.

We went a little off course and our “short” drive ended up being short plus a couple more hours, but that means more to see! Here are some outtake shots from the drive. We rode with my tita – aunt in Tagalog – who had her car windows tinted so dark they were nearly opaque so the photos didn’t turn out quite how I wanted but I couldn’t resist capturing the scenery!

We got to the beach house just after 4 pm which left us just enough time to jump into the pool with the rest of my family. I couldn’t get over how much room the house actually had, and how perfect its location was. On one side, you have this beautiful home, and on the other is a completely unobstructed view of the water. Perfect. Soon, the orange and purple and pink hues of the sunset blanketed us, the house, and everything around it, signalling that it was time to get out of the pool and set up a time lapse… and I’m so grateful we did because it was gorgeous, and I mean GORGEOUS.

The next morning, we were greeted with blue skies, a harsh morning sun, and a beach that was practically calling our names.

Here’s the time lapse of the sunset. See what I mean? GOR-freaking-GEOUS!

That morning, we loaded ourselves into the cars and drove a short distance to Munting Buhangin Beach where we spent the day testing out our new snorkels in preparation for our trip to Coron, sunbathing, and munching on barbecue. Munting Buhangin is in a unique location in that you walk down a flight of stairs through the trees that lead you to an awe-inspiring (and again, unobstructed) view of the water. It’s almost like the beach was enclosed! Just make sure you have everything before you make your way down.

When Monday rolled around we packed up the house, loaded the cars, and said “bye” to this incredible place. It’s the perfect weekend getaway, but I guarantee you that you’ll want to move here forever.

We drove back to Manila through Tagaytay which was significantly cooler due to its higher elevation, and had lunch at a place called LZM which served bombbbb Filipino food. Gotta have that barbecue sawsawan (vinegar dip) with chili and calamansi!

It was such a great, family-filled weekend! I’m hoping that this can turn into a tradition every time we come to visit. I’ve included the vlogs from that weekend below in case you want to see the photos from this post in motion!

Thanks for your readership! You’re awesome. Catch you next time!

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