Snorkeling in Coron: Just jump in

I’ve never been afraid of water or swimming; in fact, those are two of my favourite things in the whole entire world. I’ve been swimming since I was a baby and I’m always willing to dive into whatever body of water is available to me any chance I get.

So it comes to no surprise that when my mom mentioned an island hopping and snorkeling tour in Coron, I said “DUH!”. I had only seen tropical fish and coral reefs through glass at aquariums before so I was bouncing with excitement at this opportunity. What I didn’t expect, however, was the nervousness I felt when I found myself standing at the tip of the bangka (outrigger canoe commonly used in the Philippines) staring down into the dark sea water below me. For some reason, I questioned all the years of swimming and lifeguard training that I took… I knew I was physically capable of swimming and that the salt water helps you to keep afloat but for some reason my heart just wouldn’t calm down. 

It sounds dramatic, but for a brief moment I considered staying on the boat because the idea that I couldn’t see what I was jumping into scared me. Then I came to my senses and thought, “fuck it”. This is an experience I’ve wanted all my life and the opportunity is right in front of me; who knows when (or if) I’ll get it again? My anxiety feels discomfort in the unknown, but my curiosity is much more dominant and needed to be sated. 

So I jumped in and exposed myself to an entirely new world. It was fantastic.

It’s so easy to say no to things that scare you, but it’s difficult and so worthwhile to overcome your fears and go for it.  Being inches away from shipwrecks, corals, and various types of tropical fish was incredible, and I got to live my childhood dream of becoming a mermaid’, even if it was only for a couple of days. 

The unknown doesn’t always have to be a terrible thing. Whatever it is, do it. Jump in. You might just have the best experiences of your life.

Check out our snorkeling tour in motion through the vlogs below:

Some practical info:

  • Most snorkeling tours will offer equipment for rent, but the thought of using a snorkel that was previously in someone elses’ mouth creeped me out so Andrew and I picked some up at home before the trip.
  • If you’ve never snorkeled before, try to get some practice in before your tour. We played around at the hotel pool the afternoon before our tour to practice breathing without inhaling water.
  • Getting anti-fog for your goggles might be a good idea. You can use your own saliva, but it didn’t work out as well as we had hoped.
  • Bring lots of water to drink throughout the day. Salt water really dehydrates you and you’re guaranteed to swallow some at one point or another.
  • Don’t remove corals or shells from the water. It might seem like an obvious point but I saw a few people do it anyway… 

What is an experience you’ve had that you’ll remember your whole life?

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