Vlog Review: Philippines & Singapore

I truly believe that instead of having FOMO, I suffer from FOF – the fear of forgetting, and that’s one of the reasons I began taking photos; I really liked the idea of being able to freeze little moments in time that can bring back full memories when looked at later on. It’s really no surprise, therefore, that I had always wanted to start vlogging as well and I figured that an international trip was a great place to start.

001 - 14 hours to go002 - hi

I began with doing “research” (read: watching as many vlogs as possible) to see what kinds of shots I liked/didn’t like so I could have some ideas for when I started shooting. I jotted down a whole page of notes, but of course it didn’t really turn out like I had planned. I put my notes on the back burner and decided to throw myself into the trip and record as much as I could remember to instead of actively thinking about what my next shot would be. This ended up working out just fine, maybe even better than it would have if I had thought too much about it. I came home with a ton of clips that painted a pretty complete picture of the trip and I ended up creating videos that I’m sure will make me teary with nostalgia when I watch it back. 

003 - lizard006 - jeepney006 - sunset010 - white caps

Now that I covered what I liked about my videos, here’s what I’ll do next time:

  • I’ll be sure to record the food (it baffles my mind that I didn’t get ANY of the food on the trip. HOW?!)
  • I’ll record with the aim of telling a story or showing the soul of the place.
  • I’ll work on steadying my shots. I never realized how shaky my hands were until I started recording!
  • I’ll take more clips that give a little bit more context as to where we are/what we’re doing instead of just jumping from one place to another.
  • I’ll record more of the people around me. I wasn’t sure if my family was comfortable with me filming them, but then again I should have just asked!
  • I’ll record more of myself! It sounds a little vain but I’d like to see what I (and Andrew) looked like at the time. 

I totally understand when people say that they don’t like taking photos/videos while on a trip because it takes away from them experiencing things in the moment. I, on the other hand, feel the complete opposite. Taking photos and videos really helps me see things and details that I might otherwise miss. I find myself thinking about what I can capture in order to create the most complete memory of a place as possible. 

010 - butterfly fish2010 - parrotfish

All in all, it was a great learning experience and I had a ton of fun recording the clips as well as putting the vlogs together. This is something I’m definitely going to continue doing! It’s like an amped up version of the camcorder videos our parents used to take when we were younger.

Below is the short summary/channel trailer I created from the trip. You can check out the entire series HERE

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