Graffiti Alley

One of the things I love most about Toronto is that you can’t turn a corner without seeing some amazing street art. Of course unwanted graffiti (specifically tagging) is a nuisance, but I personally think that it gives Toronto much of its character. Some artists, in fact, are commissioned by businesses to paint the exteriors of businesses! Many of the murals are so elaborate and huge that it often elicits an, “OMG”, and it makes me realize that a lot of forethought and planning go into each piece; the graffiti in Toronto (and other places in the world) should definitely be admired as art, much like you would admire art in museums. 

Now I know I said you can find street art almost anywhere in Toronto, but it’s more concentrated in some areas more than others. Enter Graffiti Alley! These few blocks are part of StreetARToronto (or StART) program which basically aims to preserve and promote street art as an important part of Toronto’s culture and beauty.

And it really is beautiful, filled with vibrant colours and vibrant artistry from end to end!

Some practical information:

  • It’s become a popular spot for tourists and photographers, so it can get busy at times. I did an engagement shoot here in the early morning and it was practically empty, so head over around 7-9 in the morning if you want the alley to yourself.
  • You can easily locate the alley via Google Maps (it’s on Rush Ln, between Portland and Spadina), but parking might be a little difficult. If you’re driving, I suggest parking at the Green P on Denison, just off Queen St.
  • Don’t forget a camera!

Where is your favourite place to gawk at street art?!

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