The problem with vlogging

LOVE vlogging, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy all aspects of it, from recording to reviewing to editing, but, as I mentioned in my ”In-betweens: June + July” video, it can get difficult to keep up with what’s happening currently going on in your life, and I thought I would expand on that thought a little here. 

When I started taking videos in January, my goal was to record everything – the exciting, the boring, the epic, and the ordinary. It’s easy to ignore the little things in your everyday life that might not seem worthy of pressing that red button, but I’ve come to really cherish those moments. I know that years from now, I’ll re-watch these videos and get “the feels” from seeing that one crazy sunset, or that abandoned farm, or that rainy day all over again; I’ll remember who I was with, the laughing we did, the conversations we had. 

My purpose for creating videos is solely to share/relive the amazing trips I’ve taken and will take, it’s to change my perspective on life in general. Life doesn’t always need to be the best thing ever, sometimes (most times) it’s achingly average, but that’s where your responsibility to create magic for yourself comes in. Recording has helped me look deeper into the things around me and has helped me feel the same kind of appreciation for finding a moth while walking my dog that stayed still just long enough for me to snap a picture and record a short clip, as I felt for the view overlooking Lake Kayangan in the Philippines

I used to wish I was anywhere but home. Not only have I since learned that home isn’t necessarily where you lay your head at night, I’ve also learned to be okay with where I am. Vlogging has helped me look deeper into the world, and by doing so I’ve dug deep into myself too. 

As always, thanks for reading! You can check out the rest of my videos here.

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