An autumn weekend

Autumn is the calm before the storm that all Canadians know as WINTER. Call me a baby (I’ll probably agree), but I think winter sucks. Sure watching the snow fall from inside a warm room as your snuggled tightly in a cozy blanket is nice and everything, but the first things I think of about winter are runny noses, driveway shoveling, and the fear of slipping at any given moment. That’s why I cherish every moment leading up to the moment the weather report reads in the minus degrees, and thankfully autumn is the perfect pumpkin spiced precursor to a usually woeful winter.

(Okay, I don’t actually like pumpkin spiced things too much but the sentence just sounded too good not to include).


The loveliest hamlet

I love autumn for all the cliche reasons – the way the landscape transforms and bursts with colour, knitted layers, scarves, mustard and raspberry colour palettes, and crisp cool air, but I also love it for other reasons too. The days get shorter so I always feel the urge to see/do as much as I can before the sun goes down; we usually find ourselves in new areas during our search for the best fall colours (which seemed uncharacteristically drab this year. Boo, global warming); ice coffee is so much more enjoyable because the ice doesn’t melt as quickly; etc, etc, etc.

Andrew and I love going on drives to nowhere in particular because you often end up in the most interesting places… Enter Belfountain, a tiny hamlet in the Caledon area!

We were coming off Forks of the Credit Rd (which is ridiculously windy and fun to drive on) when we noticed a TON of motorcycles and cars parked in front of an unassuming building. I don’t think we were actually planning to stop and look around… Until I saw a sign for Higher Ground Coffee Co, and suddenly it was coffee o’clock.

We’ve actually driven through this area a bunch of times, but had never seen it so lively until that weekend! Maybe everyone had the same idea as we did and decided that it was a great weekend for a mini road trip, and summer held on quite a while, so I think that weekend was unseasonably warm, too!

Here are some photos from that day: 

Some practical info:

  • We saw SO MANY cops on the Forks of the Credit Rd that day. We had never seen any police in the area before (and admittedly, we have driven a little crazy on that road before), but I’m assuming that they were there to monitor the increased weekend traffic. We actually saw a car getting towed (which means he was likely going over 100 km/hr on a 50), so please be careful for your sake, your car’s sake, and for the sake of others on the road. 
  • There’s ample parking along the street!
  • If you’re going to Higher Ground, I recommend their iced coffee with a little bit of honey. IT’S SO GOOD.
  • For my fellow Pokemon players, the nearby church is a gym! Our Pokemon stayed there for 4 days, I think!

If you ever find yourself in Caledon, paying a visit to Belfountain is more than worth it! You get that small town vibe, great coffee, and an environment full of happy people enjoying a nice day out!

Do you have a small town close to where you live that you love to visit? What do you love the most about it?!

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