By the moon

Did anyone else feel “off” last week? I had those achy, oh-no-I-think-I’m-going-to-get-sick symptoms, and a crick in my neck for DAYS! Usually when I think I’m going to catch a cold, I try to power through it by drinking tons of water, not eating any junk, and sleeping a little more, but this time the symptoms wouldn’t go away. They didn’t turn into an actual cold or flu though… they just kind of stuck around like a sneeze that isn’t quite fully formed yet.

Last week was especially odd because while I was feeling anything but great, I had a sudden surge of motivation; I tackled my content calendar and scheduled everything for the rest of the year, I felt so much creative energy, and had so much motivation! It’s generally hard for me to sit down for an entire and crank out a ton work because I rely on that “spark” so much, but I was able to accomplish so much. I knew something else had to be going on.

On top of everything, I was able to continue my yoga practices despite usually becoming physically useless when I’m on the verge of sickness!

I stumbled across an Instagram post by @hellomadelinesophia about the moon, feeling wonky, and cutting yourself slack, and that’s when I started Googling. 

A photo of the “super blood moon” I took back in 2015. It still amazes me today.

How the moon affects us

I’ve always been a purveyor of being one with the universe, but I’ve never had a meaningful connection quite like this before. My mind was completely blown when I learned about how moon cycles coincide and affect our own cycles, and the idea is just too insane not to share.

*DISCLAIMER: astronomy and astrology as two separate, deep, and confusing topics on their own, and I’ve yet to even scratch the surface of either. The concept of how these topics intersect with each other is another, and in my opinion crazier, rabbit hole that I’m also only beginning to learn about. So needless to say, I’m no expert… Just someone who’s insanely curious. 

This is what the moon’s cycle looks like: 


Basically, the moon cycles culminate in the moon either being completely visible (= full moon) or completely invisible (= new moon). Between the new and full moon is the waxing cycle, and between the full and new moon is the waning cycle. From a purely scientific standpoint, the visibility of the moon is in relation to the sun… I think… Again, I’m definitely not a scientist. 

What interests me the most is how the different moon phases influence the human body and our emotions. Here’s what I’ve learned.


With the new moon comes fresh energy and a renewed, or clarified sense of purpose. Since this phase is when the moon is “darkest”, it signifies a time to set or cement your intentions, and to look inwards. 


The moon is more visible now, and is considered to be “waxing”. There is a heightened level of energy in the air, so it’s the perfect time to take action, be productive, and make use of the momentum of the growing moon. During this phase, we should focus on what is working, what we are thankful for, and what we want to manifest. 


The moon is in full force, along with the concepts of completion and manifestation, and our emotions are exceptionally heightened. People are often more accident prone, emotional, erratic, and can experience a difficulty sleeping. Creative energy is high during this period, but over stimulation is common, too, so grounding practices are encouraged.


The moon is now “waning” and is dimming in preparation for the new moon, and during this period, we become more sensitive and our energy again shifts inwards. We feel a transitional energy and it’s not uncommon to feel lost. This is the perfect time to release the things that are holding us down emotionally and physically. 

We are one

So what does this mean? Technically nothing, if you don’t care for this concept… But it changes the way I personally see things and how I’ll move forward. Astrology, in my opinion, is not something I’ll be scheduling my life around, but it’s important and comforting to know that there is natural reason for why I feel off sometimes.

I definitely experienced the effects of this past waxing phase, culminating in the full moon. I felt the motivational and creative energy and ran with it, but I also felt the emotional and erratic energy that the full moon brought. I also frequently go through periods of lower energy, and times when I feel lost and my sense of purpose fades, so I’m curious to see whether it coincides with the third quarter, if and when I feel it next.

My experiences are definitely not textbook definitions of what I learned, and it’s impossible to state with certainty that the moon has any real effect on my functionality… But maybe it does… And that alone is worth at least a little investigation into the topic.

None of this is to say that with every full moon comes with negative connotations; it just so happened that my curiosity for this topic peaked after a weird week. Like I said, maybe nothing is actually going on here, but then again maybe there is. I’m open to anything! After all, I’m in a constant pursuit of perspective, and this is definitely an interesting one. 

What are your thoughts on moon cycles?! I’d love to talk about it below!

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