When things get corny

Is anyone not incredulous about the fact that it’s nearly December?! Pretty much 2018?! It’s crazy! And cold! I’m in denial that it’s the end of November, so let’s take a step back to look at how I spent my 26th birthday last month. 

October is my favourite month of the year, and it’s not only because of my birthday; it’s colourful and just chilly enough. Suddenly the rolling hills, dense forests, and farm lands are no longer boring as they’ve transformed into seas of oranges, yellows, and reds, and you’ll find it incredibly difficult to resist the autumnal spirit.

Giving in

Oddly enough, I had seemed to be able to resist the urge to stand around and take pictures of pumpkins with a ton of other people… Until this year. What can I say?! You can only pretend that corn mazes, farm animals, and apple pies aren’t a big deal for so long! Long story short: I gave in and on my birthday, Andrew and I went to the Pumpkinfest at Downey’s Farm Market to be one with season. 

I had the best time being followed around by goats (a.k.a my spirit animal) and playing man hunt in the corn maze. I was hesitant about wandering around by myself because I’m irrational and paranoid, but it was actually really fun! The only downside was that the terrain was ridiculously uneven which made my knee hurt so bad the day after. Still worth it.

Unfortunately, the playground, corn maze, and farm are closed for the winter, but I thought I would include some end notes anyway! (You can still visit the farm market for baked goods, though). 

Some practical info:

  • It’s way more expensive to visit on the weekends! $9 Mon-Fri vs. $14 Sat-Sun!
  • It’s also SO MUCH MORE busy on the weekends, especially during the fall, so try and visit during the week.
  • You can buy food to feed the farm animals, but you get ambushed and it’s a little intimidating… and that’s coming from me, the farm animal lover. 

And that was my birthday at the farm! 

What do you like best about autumn where you live?

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