Life, lately: of autumns past

Blogging can be weird sometimes, at least in the way I post my content, because weeks of place/theme specific posts go by and though I already mentioned this in my post about “the problem of vlogging”, it’s still just as true now: my sense of time is all off. I get so caught up in editing and putting together past moments that all of a sudden I wake up and it’s nearly the middle of December and how did that even happen? *face palm*

December scramble

The end of the year always feels weird, like all of a sudden you remember all the boxes you didn’t check off on your “new year, new me” list and it makes you feel less than great about yourself… Even though the concept of a new year has nothing to do with the self you wanted to transform into, and all to do with attempting to align lunar cycles and the seasons. I digress.

What I’m getting at is that I’m not sure why December can make us feel unaccomplished, and why the prospect of January is synonymous with new beginnings. No one is keeping track of the self-timer you subjected yourself to, except you. You can start becoming the new you right now… Or not! January 1st is neither a beginning or end.

Anyway, the thought of a new year is completely lost on me… The person who, for the longest time, thought the new year began in September when you would go back to school.

Life after summer

So, back to the intended topic of this post: what life has looked like after summer. To be honest, I’m still processing everything. Life has a funny way of letting you build confidence in the path you’re paving for yourself, and then let it crash in front of you, as if a gentle breeze knocked a paper plane from the air. That’s how fragile my perceptions of everything have been, but that’s also how beautiful I’ve come to know life to be.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year (and I plan on doing a longer post about this very subject soon), it’s that everything is in constant motion whether you accept it or not. Being steadfast in my core values, yet adaptable and open to the universe and its unpredictability are my biggest, most essential tools to navigating life.

This is a long winded, slightly fluffed up way of saying that everything I thought I wanted at the beginning of the year looks nothing like how I originally pictured it. I’ve got a couple of big things in the works, and I’m excited and nervous and trying not to hold on to it so tightly; every single thing needs space to grow.

Now without any further introspection, here’s what life looked like leading up to winter.


By the way, I wrote an article and shared photos on ROAM about how I came to understand the concept of home from visiting Venice Beach. You can read it here!


If you want more fall, check out this post where Andrew and I drive around to see fall colours and end up in a charming small town, or this post where we visit a farm and run around a corn maze for my birthday!

How was your transition into winter?

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