An actual winter wonderland

If you were a fan of Gilmore Girls like I was (am), you’ll remember the handful of times that Lorelai walked outside with a dreamy look on her face as puffs of snow slowly floated down around her.

That’s the kind of love I used to wish I had for snow – I would welcome it with love and a wide open mouth… I mean, if it snows and you didn’t catch some on your tongue, did it really snow? Anyway, snow and I never had a great relationship, so instead of it being a kind of lovers reunited situation like the Lorelai on the left, I would forever be the Lorelai on the right.

Or so I thought! I’m happy to say that something about this season flipped me around completely. It could be that I’m not currently running around in the Philippines and Singapore like I was last year, but I really think it has more to do with my shift in perspective… and that’s what this blog is all about isn’t it! 😉

Learning to love winter

Don’t get me wrong, snow isn’t my favourite kind of weather, but just because something isn’t preferential to you doesn’t mean that you should outright hate it – in fact, if you set aside your disdain, I’m sure there are at least a couple things you could find that you do like about it! And that’s exactly what I did. So before I share a bunch of my favourite photos that I’ve taken so far this winter, I thought I’d share the reasons why I no longer hate winter!

Hot drinks

Hot drinks that turn cold (or worse, stay at room temperature) are the worst! That’s why I actually prefer drinking hot drinks when it’s hot and cold drinks when it’s cold! Iced coffee in the winter is one of my favourite things because your drink doesn’t turn into a watery mess!

The four seasons

Living in Ontario (which is sort of Eastbut mostly in the middle of Canada), we experience the full intensity of each season, and while it can be a nuisance at times, I’m ultimately thankful to be able to have such variation. Besides, it makes you appreciate the warmer weather SO much more.

Longer days post-equinox

Yes, the days seem so much shorter (and they are, I mean, it’s still light out at 9:30 pm during the summer but it gets dark around 4 pm during the winter??????), but after the winter equinox the days slowly begin to lengthen by the minute! The best way to experience this is to wake up early; I usually wake up around 6 in the morning and start my day by walking my dog. I noticed that around late December/January, it’s still super dark around 6:45, but now that we’re into February, the darkness usually starts to lift by then!

Do winter-specific things (but don’t be pressured to doing all the things)

Or don’t do specific winter things!

Snow is just fun!

We don’t always get blessed with a white Christmas every year, but this past one was definitely an exception. On Christmas Day, the snow was halfway up my calf and I have to admit I really wanted to buy a snowsuit just to jump in it. We used to have to much fun in the snow when we were kids and it should be no exception now!

Winter photos

Favourite from Wasaga

Jack in the snow – Insta Story

Winter vlog

Hasn’t always been snowy – weather’s been unstable

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