A weekend in Buffalo

What do you do when your boyfriend says he wants cheesecake? You pack your bags, stuff yourself into the car, and head to Buffalo for the weekend!

“But… but the first Cheesecake Factory in Canada just opened at Yorkdale Mall! You’re still going to go all the way to Buffalo?!”, you say?


The coming of the Cheesecake Factory to Toronto was arguably one of the most anticipated things last year; so much so that the wait was almost FOUR HOURS LONG. Don’t get me wrong, I love cheesecake with my whole heart, but I have to say that I love my time a lot more. Now I know that it’s been a couple of months since it opened so the hype and wait time has pretty much leveled out (or so say my cousin), but going to Buffalo for cheesecake has become something like a pilgrimage to us! And yes, I consider eating cheesecake to be a religious experience.

Cheesecake and other adventures 

In the past, our one goal was cheesecake and cheesecake only. This time though, I thought that we should take some time to explore a little bit! I’ll be honest, I find Buffalo itself to be Sketchy with a capital “S” and a lot of it has to do with how run down and forgotten it feels… I’m almost certain there isn’t a street you can go down on that doesn’t have at least one building that’s all boarded up or looks like it’s about to crumble.

So instead of only staying in Buffalo, we decided to see drive along the Niagara River to see what we could find! First stop first, though, was in Buffalo and ended up being a bust. One of the only things I had written down as something I HAD to see was Sharkgirl (literally a girl with a shark’s head) that was supposed to be right by the harbour, but for whatever reason wasn’t there!

Determine to not be disappointed, we got back in the car and headed North to Fort Niagara, just across from Niagara-on-the-Lake in Ontario! It was a super cloudy day, but after some squinting, we were able to faintly see the Toronto skyline!

Before this, though, we made a stop at the other “must see” thing on my list: Prophet Isaiah’s Second Coming House! I’m not sure if I’ve said this before, but I’m not religious at all; at least not in the traditional sense of the word. I do, however, have an immense appreciation for art, and even more so, other people’s beliefs, and this house is a testament to exactly this.

This excerpt from Atlas Obscura says:

Around 2007 the Prophet began to build and design what is seen today at his home and has been working tirelessly ever since. He tells visitors that the cross there at his home is the final cross. The cross that all sentient beings will see as they make a final walk down Ontario Ave as they have one last decision whether or not to follow and believe in Jesus Christ. After passing the cross on Judgement Day, everyone will file one by one toward Goat’s Island where Jesus Christ will be to direct believers to everlasting salvation, or to a fiery pit of eternal damnation.

Even though I’m on my way to a fiery pit of eternal damnation, I’m still glad I got to see this incredible work of art.

Niagara: Miracles, Myths, and Magic

The last thing we did before heading home was watch Niagara: Miracles, Myths, and Magic at the IMAX Theatre. First of all, IMAX audio never fails to give me a little bit of anxiety, haha! But second of all, the movie was INCREDIBLE. The visuals are stunning, the history and stories behind it all are so fascinating, you’ll laugh, cry, and maybe poop your pants a little! Trust me. If you’re ever in the area, go watch it!

Before I end this post, here are some other photos from the weekend:

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