Getting ready to thaw

And just like that, another season has come and gone… Sort of. Signs of spring are everywhere – migrating birds have returned, the sun is shining bright, and I’ve officially put away my winter boots, so the only thing left is for this dang temperature to finally mellow out!

So what has life looked like for the past couple of months? The short answer is that my computer screen has been my view for the majority of that time. I’ve been so caught up in getting my design business and shop MadLove Creative Co. settled that I haven’t really seen/done much else! I’m getting ready to add a whack load of stationery/home decor listing featuring my designs to my Etsy shop, and though this kind of work is tedious and requires a lot of patience (which is something I lack), I think about my end goal of being my own boss and working in a creative field, and then I remember that what you give in effort, you receive in yield.

I didn’t stop taking photos, though! Here are some scenes from the last couple of months!

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