If you did it then you should put a check mark on it

Modern technology is an amazing thing, from your phones to laptops to dishwashers, cars, and everything else in between, it’s become such a part of our lives (especially us who are fortunate enough to live in the First World) that it’s almost scary to think about what would happen if technology just ceased to exist… At least it is for me.

I work as a freelance graphic designer/illustrator, and have an online shop where I sell some of my art. At any given time I’ll be scrolling through social media, reading articles from online publications, creating graphics on my computer using various programs, emailing clients, and jotting notes, to-dos, and ideas into my phone, so it’s safe to say that technology and I go hand in hand, and without it, I’d probably be on an entirely different path (with much less freedom) than I’m on right now.

I think I mentioned this in my previous post, but the last couple of months have been particularly difficult for me in all kinds of aspects and so it’s been more than a little tough to keep track of all the things I have to do for my business but also for my own personal sanity. When times get tough like this, it’s nice to have an arsenal of apps that will at least keep me organized which will help to prevent me from feeling more overwhelmed, and I wanted to share some of these apps with you today!

*Side note: I do use a planner to track daily to-dos and takes notes pretty religiously, but sometimes my brain loses track of itself and sometimes it’s nice to hear a ding from my phone reminding me to do the thing I need to do in order to keep life running smoothly, y’know?

Google Keep

This might seem like a general note taking app but it’s essentially my foundation. I’ve always wanted to be the person that takes a small notebook everywhere, but I found that it just doesn’t work for me because 1) I dislike carrying bags/purses with me, and 2) it stresses me out to have notes covering a bunch of different topics scattered inside of a single notebook. Small tangent: I’m not a physically tidy person at. all. but when it comes to my thoughts/ideas, especially those that I plan to use for work, it HAS to have at least some kind of organization or I will have a breakdown, haha.

Things I love about this app:

  1. It syncs through Google so I can open up the Keep website on my browser and type notes from my computer! (Fun fact about me: I HATE typing on touch screens!).
  2. I love that you can add to notes that you previously jotted down, as opposed to starting new sections or leaving giant blank spaces in regular journals.
  3. I use Keep in all aspects of my life – I have shopping lists, brain dumps, blog post ideas, small business/Etsy notes, and so much more! There isn’t a day that I don’t add to or refer to my notes.

Rhythm Care

I’ve always loved seeing people’s journal trackers (for water intake, exercise, etc), but similar to my problem with jotting notes in a physical journal, I realized that it’s not something that I could or would like to do. I did, however, need to way to keep track of the little things that easily get overlooked but are so important, and this is where Rhythm Care came in.

Basically, it gives you an easy way to keep track of anything and everything! I originally needed it to keep my turtle’s feeding schedule consistent (I feed him every other morning and would often forget if I fed him the previous day because I’m a scatterbrain), but now I also use it to track my daily water intake, yoga sessions, and more!


It’s SO important to know what’s going on with your body. Your body changes ever so slightly depending on where you are in your cycle and keeping track of my mood and how I’m feeling, among other things has really shed some light on what’s going on! Personally, there’s little worse than not feeling well or feeling off and not knowing what’s causing it. To that end, I’ve been trying out both Flo and Clue which are apps that are used to help you track your menstrual cycle and how you’re feeling physically and mentally throughout. Understanding the ebbs and flows your body goes through, I’ve found, is a really comforting feeling; we have so much to worry about in our daily lives and our health shouldn’t be one of those things.


If you’re like me, then you often get tunnel vision when you sit down to work. Suddenly you look at the clock and realize hours have gone by, and you have yet to eat or drink water, and your neck frickin’ KILLS… Enter Reminder. I use this app to remind myself to stretch and take a few big gulps of water every hour and it’s been a life saver!


Instagram is a huge part of my business (and life, really, though I hate to admit it) and it’s important to have a regular posting schedule but I know for a fact that I could never keep it up if I left organizing photos/writing captions/finding relevant hashtags to memory. Plann allows me to add and rearrange photos into a feed that I find aesthetically pleasing, I can sort and save groups of hashtags, and I can write captions and schedule post reminders!

What apps do you use to keep your life/health/sanity in check??

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