Cheers to being whoever tf you want to be

After five-something years of attempting to blog under a specific niche, I give. I had originally started blogging as a way to document my life, the things I’ve learned, the photos I’ve taken, but over time the (self-inflicted) pressure to pick a specific topic and write in a specific tone just got to me. Well, not anymore. I’ve decided that I’m more than the places I visit and the photos I take, I’m also my emotions, my non-linear trains of thought, and so much more.

Sometimes I want to write structured posts with clear “tips and tricks” and sometimes I just want a place to dump my thoughts. I was so silly to think that I had to carve this space, my little corner of the Internet, into anything other than a comfortable space for my brain to live.

And that’s the thing…

Sure getting out of your comfort zone is one of the necessary things in life, especially if you intend on growing, but having a space that’s comfortable and 100% yours is a beautiful thing too. So I’m turning this blog back into a place where my heart and creativity can thrive again without pressure.

Let’s let it flow, yo.



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