Who am I?

Hi! I’m Carmen, your average nature addict, workaholic, and fish out of water from Ontario, Canada. I’m introverted, I curse too much, and I love to create. You can usually find me exploring outdoors, doing yoga, laughing at my own jokes, in front of my computer, or bouncing around from coffee jitters.

When I’m not running around, I’m doing graphic and website design things for my creative studio Hello, MadLove.


What do I do?

I’m passionate about shaping my own personal experiences, and by sharing the way I look at this beautiful planet and everything on it, I hope to encourage others to gain new perspectives as well.

We live in an age where many people only pay attention to the things that they think will garner the most likes, but there is so much more to this world than that. There is no such thing as boredom in my books because there are endless things in nature, culture, and people to be amazed at.

My goal is to encourage people to learn about and experience both themselves, as well as our amazing planet in raw wonder and full openness, and to abandon the idea that likes dictate worth. If you are drawn to it, that’s more than enough reason to explore it further.

Get in touch!

Got a question? Want to collab? Just saying “hi”? I’d love to hear from you!

Contact me at carmen.jabier@gmail.com or fill out the form below with any comments or inquiries!