*NEW VIDEO* August + September in-betweens

The “In-Between” videos are some of my favourite to make because they often contain my most cherished moments that are generally less exciting than others that I would make entire vlogs about. These are the moments that you don’t realize have an impact on your life and your character – the ones when you’re laughing, hanging out with loved ones, and just living your everyday life.

In the market for some treasure

I love a good antique and/or flea market. Actually, I’m not opposed to a bad market either, whatever that is. I could spend hours sifting through VHS tapes and vintage issues of Reader’s Digest, while falling in love with each and every old typewriter, sewing machine, and rotary phone. Don’t even let me near any racks of clothing, unless you’re prepared to be there for the rest of the day… Or unless you’re Andrew and you have no choice (haha). 

*NEW VIDEO* A day on the island!

Andrew and I had wanted to go to Centre Island since last winter, but there was so much rain this spring and summer that the island flooded! It ended up closing, and was supposed to open at the end of June, which eventually became the end of July… And then August rolled around! 

For Keep’s Sake: LA Travel Journal

I’ve always been a journal hoarder but could never keep up using it for long… Enter the Moleskine 5 x 8.25 inch, kraft covered notebook, also known as the “game changer”. This year has been full of many firsts, but one of the things I’m most proud of is completing an ENTIRE notebook; all the pages, back and front, are now filled with memories, mementos, and thoughts from January to July of this amazing year. 

When things get corny

Oddly enough, I had seemed to be able to resist the urge to stand around and take pictures of pumpkins with a ton of other people… Until this year. What can I say?! You can only pretend that corn mazes, farm animals, and apple pies aren’t a big deal for so long! Long story short: I gave in and on my birthday, Andrew and I went to the Pumpkinfest at Downey’s Farm Market to be one with season. 

Fall in love with Echo Park

I don’t know about you, but many of my favourite places were discovered on accident, usually during a detour or missed turn, and Echo Park in Los Angeles definitely falls in this category. Andrew and I had just eaten a gigantic bowl of ramen each and decided we needed to find a place to walk it off before we checked off the next spot on our list: the Time Travel Mart. 

By the moon

I’ve always been a purveyor of being one with the universe, but I’ve never had a meaningful connection quite like I had last week. My mind was completely blown when I learned about how moon cycles coincide and affect our own cycles, and the idea is just too insane not to share.